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Heikki Mäenpää (born in 1957 at Tampere, Finland) is a multi-talented Finnish singer-songwriter, musician, producer and composer. Besides a long career in an exceptionally broad field of music, he is as well acknowledged as an executive cross-media producer, writer and open learning environment educator. The last is no wonder because Mäenpää is originally graduated to a classroom teacher.

Executive Cross-Media Producer   Typical achievement for him in cross-media field is the Dancing Moominvalley @ Shanghai Expo. Mäenpää produced and composed music for this cross-media artwork and was certainly an important part of the group performing it in August 2010 at Shanghai World Expo. It was the only Finnish cultural production that got the recognition prize from the organizing committee.
This production was also performed at FinnFest in San Diego August 2011.
Mäenpää has also successfully moved his productions through different forms from video and film to television and print-media.

Writer  Mäenpää was an essential part of the team that produced and manuscript Tampere Art Museum´s Moomintroll 60-years concerts in Japan. These concerts held in World Expo Aichi Prefecture in August 2005 collected 120 000 visitors to the Scandinavian pavilion in two days. Through television they reached roughly 30 million Japanese spectators.

Composer  Heikki Mäenpää is significantly connected to composing and performing the Moomin music. He started in 1989 by composing musical “Who will comfort Toffle”, and since then he has been making and performing his Moomin-oriented music in Finland and around the world.
Yet Mäenpää has composed music for more than 20 plays in 25 years. He wrote and arranged a recording ”At the gates of Hiroshima” for the band  A. Aallon Rytmiorkesteri in 2005. In 1980s and 1990s he made plenty of children´s music.

Open learning environment educator  Mäenpää and his production team are internationally well known as an expert of educational technology and open learning environments. He is also a pioneer of network productions.

Singer-songwriter  Besides large production as a tradiotional singer-songwriter Mäenpää is a gifted multi-instrumentalist. He plays harmonica, guitars, piano, specially Finnish instruments like kantele and concert saw, which very few people really can do, and various others. And sings. He worked many years as a troubadour for children in a zoo at Särkänniemi Amusement Park. He is often dressed up as a Moomin-character Snufkin and gets his audience to participate in the fun.
Mäenpää has been performing at big festivals while staying in Japan and USA.

Honors & Awards

- " - PRO KANGASALA 2015 - medal
- Finnish Radio and TV Commentators Special Award of Cultural Innovations 2011
- Cultural Award of Shanghai EXPO 2010 (“The Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of and appreciation for your contribution to the successful wonderful and unforgettable World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China".)
- Official Certificate of Commendation of the Ambassador of Japan Mr. Hitoshi Honda 2009
- Letter of Appreciation from Mayor of Ichikawa, Chiba Japan Mr Mitsuyuki Chiba 2009
- The Blue Cross of Freedom Fighters of Finland 2005
- Nature Saver of Kangasala City 1999
- Senator of JCI Finland 1997
- Silver medal of Finnish Teachers Association 1995
- Senior Citizen of Kangasala 1995
- Senior Citizen of Kangasala 1993
- Award of 70th Anniversary of Finlands Independence 1987
- Scolarship of the Cultural Foundation of Kangasala 1984
- Jaeger Artilleryman`s Medal of Finnish Defence Force 1980
Heikki Mäenpää (born 1957 in Tampere, Finland)
is an internationally awarded Finnish crossmedia producer, music maker and   performer.
He lives in Kangasala, Tampere Region and has  worked worldwide within culture, technology and education.
In addition to his work for children’s culture, Mäenpää and his multi talent production teams are also known internationally as professionals of educational technology and open learning environments & pioneers in network productions.
His universal artwork “Dancing Moominvalley @ Shanghai EXPO 2010” was awarded with World Expo cultural award in 2010.