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took place in Helsinki University compound on Thursday 8.8.2013 at 16:30 with Izumi Tateno, cellist Seppo Kimanen, pianist Martti Rautio and chief neurologist Kari Murros.
Address: Fabianinkatu 26, 3th floor, Kielikeskuksen juhlasali, Helsinki

dedicated to Izumi Tateno’s lifework.
written partly in Finnish, English and Japanese and was published during the summer of 2013.

took place in Helsinki University Auditorium (Yliopiston Juhlasali) on Thursday. 15th Aug. 2013 at 19:00.
Address: Unioninkatu 34, 00170 Helsinki
Photo © A. Muto 2013
The Izumi Tateno 77 Anniversary Concert
Photos © Pekka Lehtonen 2013
Photos © Harjula Production Ltd/Jussi-Heikki Mäenpää 2013
Piano artist Izumi Tateno turns 77 years.
This age is greatly appreciated in Japan because it is believed to be an important age that reflects a good life in both the past and the future.
The Izumi Tateno Festival, started in Tokyo in May 2012, culminates on his birthday in November 2013 in Tokyo. There the artist has a concert in which he plays three concertos
dedicated to him together with the Finnish La Tempesta chamber orchestra.
Considering the extensive lifework of this world-class artist even the Finnish music scene has a specific reason to celebrate.
Photo © Izumi Tateno Private Archive
Lasse A Lehtonen, Heikki Mäenpää ja Pirkko Yamashita
Translation: Antti Pyykkönen, Heikki Mäenpää and Pirkko Yamashita
The Finnish-Japanese Society (SJY) has invited piano artist Izumi Tateno to become an honorary member as he turns 77 years.
The artist, who is greatly appreciated in Finland, but especially in Japan, still continues his long and intensive career as a concert pianist.
His new career as a left hand pianist has
been of huge interest in Japan and all other countries where he has performed.
Heikki Mäenpää
Translation: Antti Pyykkönen
Photo © Izumi Tateno Private Archive
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